"Retirement Cottages by the Sea"

If you would like to receive my ezine "Retirement Cottages by the Sea," please fill out the form below. We will give descriptions of retirement homes, communities and locations near the ocean. It is designed to be an enjoyable extension of your search for the right retirement for you. Especially good for those who definitely wish to be near the ocean.

In "Retirement Cottages by the Sea," we will email you a chapter featuring a community, home or town with photos and descriptions. We will explore the home in detail. We will even talk about decor, activities and miscellaneous topics not covered on the website. We will visit the surrounding area and take photos of the main attractions there. We will give our honest comment on what type of appeal it has--good and bad.

An important part of this is our comments--what we like or don't like about it for a retirement destination.

We have lived by the sea and know how pleasant it can be and recommend it.

If you enjoy this site, it will also serve as a reminder to check back with us for updates.

Best Guide-RC

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