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Where will your retirement community be?

senior couple

Where will your retirement community be?

senior couple on beach

Are you seeking a new home and lifestyle after age 55?

The senior or retirement years can be a time of great enjoyment as you

explore, play, and learn.

Builders always locate their communities in the best places they can find ...whether coastal, urban, country...

Find by STATE now.

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You will find them here...If you wish to know all the communities in an area, you must go to separate categories. Example: Over 55 communities by state, and 55+ manufactured homes, mobiles, and apartments by category.

Find Age 55+ Communities:

Alabama       Arizona      Arkansas   No. California     So. California     

Colorado       Connecticut       Delaware      Florida      Georgia   

Hawaii     Idaho       Illinois     Indiana       Iowa    Kansas   

   Kentucky       Louisiana    Maine       Maryland      Massachusetts      

      Michigan     Minnesota       Mississippi    Missouri 

     Montana     Nebraska    Nevada    New Hampshire       New Jersey 

New Mexico     New York      NY-Long Island  

      No. Carolina       North Dakota      Ohio 

Oklahoma      Oregon      Pennsylvania    

      Rhode Island      South Carolina 

Tennessee      Texas      Utah      Virginia 

      Washington State       Wisc

Find Age 55+ Communities:

Alabama       Arizona        Arkansas  

      No. California     So. California     

Colorado       Connecticut       Delaware 

      Florida      Georgia       Hawaii  

Idaho       Illinois     Indiana       Iowa      

      Kansas       Kentucky       Louisiana

Maine       Maryland      Massachusetts     

      Michigan     Minnesota       Mississippi    

Missouri       Montana     Nebraska    Nevada 

       New Hampshire       New Jersey 

New Mexico     New York      NY-Long Island 

      No. Carolina       North Dakota      Ohio 

Oklahoma      Oregon      Pennsylvania   

      Rhode Island      South Carolina 

Tennessee      Texas      Utah      Virginia 

      Washington State       Wisc

TAKE NOTICE: Some communities are now selling out of their 1st phase before they have built model homes.  It is best to stay in touch with a community early on if you have an interest.  Lower priced homes sell fastest.  


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New offerings with more creative designs and features coming in 2020.  Don't wait for the busy time.  The buying market in real estate starts now.  Whether you are retired or not these communities get more exciting and offer more every year.  Make this year your time to make a change and purchase in a 55+ community.

When touring model homes, be sure to notice what amenities are being offered. The most active communities have lots of amenities and opportunities to meet new people.   

Prices are still very much on the flux so be sure to check individual community websites for the latest community pricing. We do our best to keep up with today's rapidly changing prices but the only way to find the most current price is to call the builders or look at their websites. 

Senior RV parks can be some of the happiest places in the Snowbird Season Oct-May. Read our review of an RV Park to see the fun that can be had.

For seasonal rentals, see our short-term rental page or Florida apartments page.  Often overlooked, RV park communities are another option for snowbird getaways. 

Higher Prices Still a Concern for Low Income Retirees

Prices are still going up on rentals and home purchase, leaving many out of the market for luxury 55+ communities.  Builders of 55+ communities are offering incentives now to help you purchase your new home.  Be sure to ask what these are.

Looking for a lower-priced option?  Try searching our low income housing and mobile home categories.  RV park model communities, also called "tiny homes" are popular now and affordable, and if you lease the land even more affordable.

our latest 55+ community reviews

  • Rancho Mirage 55+ luxury community by Del Webb in the Palm Springs area at Rancho Mirage.
  • Caliente Springs Resort In Desert Hot Springs, Ca.   Manufactured homes and RV park models good for snowbirds or year-round.   
  • Ovation at Flora Park in Cypress (close to ocean and Disneyland area)   
  • Rancho Mission Viejo near the Southern California coast
  • Altis in Beaumont, Southern California

From humble trailers to luxury estates, no matter what price range you prefer,
we have listings for you!

 nar update:

The National Association of Realtors has news releases monthly. They give excellent updates on the real estate market.  Please consult with Realtors how this relates to your local market or one you are interested in and for advice. 

Note:  Overlapping occurs when your search fits more than one category.  This happens a lot.  The remedy is to check more than one category to find what you are looking for.  For instance, mobile homes can be found in the mobile home, RV and manufactured categories as well as state categories.

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