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This month Florida is "hot." As we move into the colder weather, Florida is back (just when we thought it might go away due to its own "perfect storm.") Florida has had insurance woes, recent severe hurricane devastation, high real estate inventories, high foreclosure rates and lowered home prices. However, the fabulous real estate deals in Florida right now may be one reason it is so popular again.

Consider that Florida always has been the top retirement state and predictions are that will continue for a long time. Even the young people like Florida's lifestyle. This state's popularity is not going away some experts predict. Tax advantages, and now the lowest prices in a long time, all put Florida back on the radar. High inventories push Florida home prices down and it is "on sale."

We have several Florida pages. Consider: Florida retirement communities, Central Florida retirement communities, Florida mobile homes, Florida senior apartment communities, Central Florida manufactured homes; and on the Manufactured homes communities page, Florida manufactured home communities and on the RV Communities page, RV communities in Florida, and, of course, assisted living in Florida on the Assisted Living page. There is much overlapping so you usually need to check more than one page.

Mailbag: Someone wants to know where there are mobile home parks in Ft. Myers Florida. This is a high priority need of visitors to my site--where the over 55 mobile homes are and especially in Florida. I apologize that I haven't finished that page yet (Florida Mobile Homes). Florida Mobile Home Parks

Here is the list I sent him which I will be adding shortly.

1) Del Tura Country Club - 18621 North Tamiami Trail, North Fort Myers 33903 - Large community by Hometown America 2) Tara Woods - 19376 Highway 41 3) Windmill Village - In Punta Gorda - North of North Fort Myers. 4) Old Bridge - Resident owned coop - gated - 5) Serendipity - by American Land Lease - North Fort Myers 6) Blue Heron - Punta Gorda - 7) Swan Lake

As you can see, there are seemingly endless retirement communities.

Latest communities added:

I am very interested in the Texas Hill Country as a great place to retire. I recently had an owner of El Viaje RV Retirement Community in Kerrville, Texas, write me about advertising on my site. I didn't have them listed and was thrilled to know about them. They are new owners of this RV park in the Texas Hill Country and plan to make improvements. They are also professional chefs and wish to have some really interesting and creative cooking programs at their community. So if you love cooking, you may want to check them out. The Texas Hill Country is one of those "best places" for retirees. Write to them and arrange a visit to this pleasurable town (Kerrville).

Also, Read our article "RV Park-- What is it like" to know what living in a park model in an RV community is like. These communities are great for getting out of the cold for six months of winter.

Green Communities:

Have you noticed that I have begun putting a tiny green leaf next to communities that feature energy savings. A visitor wrote in that they were interested in knowing what communities had energy features and did I have a list. I do feel this is becoming a top priority in our country--saving energy--so I have added this feature. It is hard to discern what energy features a community has unless there is definite information out there about it so I apologize to those communities that have energy features and are not so noted. A huge amount of energy is spent in American homes so this is an important subject. We will try to feature more articles about energy savings.

For Buyers: December is probably the best month to buy your retirement home due to the year-end sales at communities. Builders are very anxious to deplete their inventories and have reduced prices even further on select inventory homes.. Worth checking out this month.

You do not have to buy in this market if you are worried about further price drops (which no one seems to know for sure if they will or will not happen.) You can rent. Yes there are wonderful over 55 Senior Apartments. Who knew.

I have put our Contact Us link at the bottom of this page. I know you have questions and comments so please us know about them.

Have a great day, Carol

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