Retirement Communities Gardens

window box garden
garden for seniors

Find tips for retirement communities gardens that are low maintenance or no maintenance.  Gardening is easier in a small garden.

  • Use ground covers easily found at your local nurseries.  Ask the salesperson to point out ones that will spread quickly and thickly to cut back on weeding. 
  • Use plastic wrap first for further weed control, spreading it over the ground then add wood chips.  
  • Use well-rounded  Stepping stones  to make walking safely a priority
  • Have fun with garden ornaments
  • Use standing pots and window boxes but don't forget to water
  • Use low-maintenance plants
  • Look for unique pottery -- it will fill up the garden
  • Add some patio furniture and relax!
patio furniture and garden

Patio furniture can be unique in color and design for a more interesting effect.  Add contrasting colors in the flower border.

More Ideas for retirement gardens:

  • Entertain your grandchildren with statuary of children in various poses - these are easily found in garden centers or pottery outlets. Notice how the vine softens the harsh lines in the wall. Lighting is added for effect and security.
  • Go bright with this interesting and easy treatment. Window boxes have everything neatly contained. Impatiens are especially good if you like bright oranges and reds and need little watering. They can also be planted in sun or shade.
  • Neighbors can share ideas providing a pleasant harmony.
  • Ask if a large corner lot may be maintained by the community and the patio leaves room to garden.   Many associations will provide maintenance if you want it--but ask and don't assume.  
yellow and purple petunias
  • I always loved the thought of yellow petunias but thought they looked "washed out" until I saw this arrangement of yellow petunias with purple ones. The yellow really stands out in this contrasting color plan. Use contrasting colors.
Japanese red maple
  • A low maintenance garden doesn't have to be drab. A red Japanese maple is the centerpiece of these easy care plants of Juniper and colorful perennials.

Add wood chips to cut back on weeding. Make sure you first layer heavy black plastic wrap under the woodchips. You can poke some small holes in the wrap for drainage.

pink patio garden
  • Fabulous use of one color--pink in this case is shown off nicely in a small garden.
low maintenance garden
  • The garden bed is filled with wood chips so there is no weeding..the owner put down black plastic first with holes for air and water and then covered it with wood chips and planted low maintenance plants like grasses. Notice the small shrub is pruned to look like a small tree.
garden border and trim
  • Scalloped brick blocks provide trim and holds water and wood chips in place.  The plants are pruned to be round to echo the border curves.
red brick patio
  • Dappled shade on red brick with wrought iron furniture is a nice combination.  Add a simple pot of colorful flowers.
fenced patio garden
  • This is a common scenario--the fenced patio is kept clean inside and clutter free--the garden is on the outside in a border around fence. Fill with low maintenance shrubs and wood chips--notice the variety and textures here for interest.  Also the copper wind chime adds a nice touch.
purple iris and nandina
  • Use just one plant abundantly.  Nandina bush and purple iris are both very low maintenance.
natural garden
  • Take tips from mother nature--a natural garden with varying textures, dappled shade and dry stream.
cottage garden
  • A cottage garden is kept neat.
flagstones garden
  • For low maintenance use flagstones and wood chips together.
garden statue of Eve
  • Eve with her apple.  Taking walks at retirement communities is an adventure each time.
daisies in the garden
  • Daisies flourish without any upkeep.

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