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Snowbird Tips for locking up


Arizona retirement communities for 55+ feature villas, single family homes and condominiums.   Most of these are in the Northwest area near Sun City, the resort that pioneered the concept of golf communities.

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Retirement communities are mostly in the metropolitan area of Phoenix, Arizona's largest city, and Tucson, an artist's mecca and cultural center.

Retirement Communities in Phoenix Area  

  Retirement Communities in the Tucson Area

Sun City 55+ Communities in Arizona

Mexican restaurant in Phoenix AirportMexican restaurant in Phoenix
Mexican restaurant in Phoenix AirportMexican restaurant in Phoenix


Phoenix: The Sunniest City

Phoenix is estimated by some to be the sunniest city in the U.S. determined by number of cloudless days. So if you are looking for warm, this may be your choice. Other cities in Arizona are also highly sunny but temperatures vary with Flagstaff being cooler in the north of the state.

In the map below you can clearly see the cities clustered around Phoenix as distinguished from the cities surrounding Tucson.

Manufactured Homes in Arizona

Arizona is one of the most popular "snowbird" states. RV parks, manufactured homes communities in Arizona and mobile home communities are numerous throughout Arizona.

Manufactured homes communities for over 55 are popular "snowbird" retreats.

Go Here to See 55+ Arizona Manufactured Homes Communities 

When you think of Arizona, think mobile home parks: During the winter months semi-permanent residents arrive, happily leaving cold areas. They are often called "snowbirds." Temporary or permanent residents enjoy living in the many

Retirement Mobile Homes Communities 

Over 55 RV Resorts in Arizona

RV retirement parks are popular in Arizona and especially for "snowbirds."  To see our list of RV parks see:

RV Resorts in Arizona

Article Explaining the RV Parks Life in Arizona:

Enjoy our most popular article about the economical and exciting Arizona RV Parks by an RV Parks authority:

RV Parks in Arizona

A must-read interview: "RV PARKS--What is it like?"

Snowbird Tips for Locking Up

If you are a "snowbird" who leaves his home for warmer climes in winter or a prospective "snowbird" you might enjoy

Tips for Snowbirds on locking up.

Arizona:  A Good Window on the West

Visiting Arizona is also a good starting point for exploring the other Southwest and Western states.

Convention and Visitors Bureaus for Phoenix and Tucson

To get more information about Tucson and Phoenix, go to their Convention and Visitors Bureau sites:

Tucson Convention and Visitors Bureau|

Phoenix Convention and Visitors Bureau

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