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Retirement Communities News-Updated Monthly

sunset News and Events for the month at retirement communities.

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Top Florida 55+ Communities List

Florida home The Annual List of the most popular Florida 55+ communities on our site

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Communities Coming Soon

Florida beachSign up now to be updated on these new communities coming soon. (mild climate states).

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Maine: The Rangeley Lakes Area

Haley's Pond MaineBeat the heat with a vacation trip to the famous Rangeley Lakes area in Maine. Or go any season.

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Side Trip to Charleston South Carolina

historic homeSpring is a great time for a road trip. Here is one I recently took to Charleston, South Carolina. Read the review.

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The Best 55+ Master Communities

retirement homeFind some of the best master communities with 55+ communities in America taken from a list compiled by a premier consulting company.

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Top Florida 55+ Manufactured Homes Communities

beach chairWe made a list of the most viewed top Florida 55+ manufactured homes communities to make your searching easier.

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Top 20 Florida Over 55 Communities

beach chairFlorida is the most popular retirement state and we have put together a list of the top 20 over 55 communities in Florida from our website.

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Large Retirement Communities Set New Trends

valencia coveLarge communities are setting fresh new trends for 2014 and beyond.

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Seasonal Rentals at Florida Retirement Communities

These senior communities in Florida have seasonal rentals but they are few and fill up fast.

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Tour of Lancaster County and Amish Countryside

Amish craftsDon't miss our visit and tour of the Lancaster area as well as some amazing facts about the Amish lifestyle. Lots of photos!

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A New List of Top Retirement Communities

Amish crafts

This popular post from last year comes back with a new list this year. If you enjoyed reading last year's top communities list, you'll enjoy seeing this year's update.

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Noise and Air Pollution Effects on Seniors

We have always suspected that air and noise pollution are not good for people as they age and these studies are showing this to be true. Read more.

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Travel is a Super De-Stressor

Loews Beach HotelThis Thanksgiving I visited my daughter and son-in-law in Santa Monica, California. I was determined to have a healthy, healing vacation. We booked a stay in a luxury hotel. Read about my trip here and see the photos.

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Back to Comfortville: The Over 55 Community Lifestyle

Compare an urban lifestyle with a sleepy suburban over 55 community lifestyle. Which would you choose. Read our story to help you decide.

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Evolving Service Providing Communities

Due to recent changes in our economy, the popularity of service-oriented communities for seniors has increased. Read more here..

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An Avocado Becomes a Smoothie

This morning I had an avocado sitting in my refrigerator. If one doesn't eat avocados when they are just right, they turn old fast. This one wouldn't last another day. I decided to make a smoothie with it. But how does one make an avocado smoothie?

Read about this fabulous new cook book, "365 Vegan Smoothies," with smoothie recipes and a Wellness Guide.

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Military Retirement Places in Florida

In this article, these retired military officers are extremely happy they chose Brevard County, Fl for Retirement.. If you are looking for a place already selected and given "4 stars," by military retirees, read this article about Brevard County, Florida, a retirement gem. It is also known as the "Space Coast," since the John F. Kennedy Space Center is located there. Read the article…

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A List of Top Retirement Communities

Here is an interesting list of top master communities ranked as the best selling in the United States. I have extracted the ones for seniors so you will be able to find them easily.

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Suzanne Somers New Book: Tips for aging

Suzanne Somers tells us to plan for aging in her new book, "Bombshell."

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Spring Notes on Retirement

I recently posted on my website that the big news for spring is that new home prices are moving up in some markets. What does this mean for you.

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It's Spring! Time to Walk!

If people have been putting off walking because it is too cold outside, there are no more excuses now because the weather is getting warmer. See this post about walking and the brain.

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Niches for the Retirement Years

It was marvelous that a New York Times article about niche communities had a link to my website. Are niche communities dated. These types of communities are fewer, but there is still a way to find niches. Read my thinking here.

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Article on Recent NAR Report

This article states the National Association of Realtors, in a comparison of 2013 over 2012, reports the existing home sales (those in MLS listings) prices have made steady gains in 2012. Please consult with local experts as conditions differ significantly depending on the local market. Most markets have been in decline beginning mid 2006.

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A Staging Your Home to Sell Event

Staging your home may be necessary in today's competitive real estate market. I just saw a story about a talented home stager and designer coming to a Del Webb 55 community. This community is one in Georgetown, Texas. If you are near there, you may want to put this exciting event on your calendar.

Tera Hampton, TV design star, will be at Del Webb's Sun City Texas community, 1501 Sun City Blvd., Saturday, March 2, 2013, 2-5pm. (Please confirm information with Del Webb at 800-833-5636). This is a chance to get some styling tips for staging your home to sell. Also, the community has a 3- night stay running now for $209. (verify pricing.) The Tera Hampton blog, on her website, is interesting and the photos gorgeous. If you cannot make the event, the blog has some helpful tips.

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Forbes list of best places for an active retirement

Once again there is a list of best places to retire. The emphasis here is on an active lifestyle. Lots of places for outdoor recreation, some of which are profiled on our site such as the states of Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Among the categories they are checking are bicycle-friendly places, high volunteer rates, crime rates and volume of doctors located there.

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2012 Builder Awards for 50+ Housing

The prestigious National Association of Home Builders has announced their annual awards for best 50+ housing. These are always an interesting read. They make a judgment for the various categories among the builders who applied.

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Best International Places to Retire

Are you thinking of living in another country for for your retirement. If so, you must check out the just published list of the World's Top Retirement Havens in 2013 from International Living magazine. What's good about the list is that you can see the individual score for each of the categories which includes cost of living, real estate and healthcare. This year's list reveals a couple new entries and many changes.

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Santa Monica at Christmastime

There is so much to do in Santa Monica, California -- fly out there for a week of Christmas shopping; trust me, your gifts will be spectacular and you will have a great time. Santa Monica is a great place to retire! Read our blog about our trip.

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Rodeo Drive at Christmas

Rodeo DrivePhotos and shopping on Rodeo Drive California at Christmas time..

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Retire Like a Celebrity: 20 Hot Spots!

If you want to give yourself the royal treatment as you ease into retirement, take a look at how the celebrities do it! The article on the UK's Telegraph website showcases twenty fabulous places where senior celebs spend their days. Locations like The Hampton's and more. Check out the spots and plenty of gorgeous photos as well.

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Atlanta Retirement Homes in communities for over 55.

Find the new, the old and the coming listings for retirement homes in Atlanta 55+ communities.

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Gatherings at Wellington

A review of Gatherings at Wellington, senior condos by Beazer, in Manassis, Virginia.

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Is This Home Builder Going Bankrupt?

Info ahead!..

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A Full Community Brochure is Filled with Information You Need

Brochure advice for your retirement community..

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Walking Communities

Get walking!..

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Walking Tour of Arlington Homes

Check out these beautiful homes..

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Architectural homes walk

Yesterday we enjoyed an architectural walk. Check it out!..

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Excursion to North Carolina and Virginia Beach

Travel review and photos of my North Carolina /VA Beach trip..

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New Fresh Updated and Current - Retirement Community Information

Get some updates on the best Guide site!..

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A New Year's Resolution

Try this New Year's resolution..

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Merry Christmas Tree

A tree for the holidays..

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A Home for Christmas at Retirement Communities

Christmas time is a great time to buy..

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Martha Stewart has Time for Wellness

Wellness lessons from senior, Martha Stewart!

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Sounds of Nature at Retirement Communities

Thoughts on why nature is a must-have feature for your retirement lifestyle!

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Retirement Community Homes on Sale

Some retirement homes sales...

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911: Tenth Anniversary Remembrance

Remembering 9/11..

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Did Hurricane Irene Change Your Mind

Some thoughts on hurricanes..

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Retirement Community Home Prices and More

Some news and tips on retirement home prices!

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