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Carol Fena in Miami Fl

If you are curious about why this website was created and about the person responsible for it's creation--this page will help you.

Realtor with in-depth home appraisal knowledge

More than 30 years ago I received my real estate license in Silicon Valley, California, and worked as a Realtor for a long time.  My husband was also a real estate appraiser and taught me a lot about that field and how to value property.  This skill gave me a huge boost in my real estate career and was the secret to why I became successful.

Property and Apartment Manager for ten years:

At some point, I went into the property management field as an Apartment Manager for 8 or more years.  I am by nature very curious and thought investment property an interesting field and wanted to round out my knowledge of real estate. 

(At one point, I even had a short stint selling mobile and manufactured homes to learn more about them.)

My personal and professional life has been enriched by trying new things, continuing education, and always asking questions.

I have now embarked on a totally different path--another result of being curious about life and continuing to educate myself--building a website about retirement communities (55+) where I can use my real estate experience but add another dimension--my creative side.

All my life I have wanted to write but, of course, never found the time while my children were young because they were my priority.  Today I have more time to do this thing I have always loved.  While I also enjoy art and music, I find writing to be my best creative outlet.

For me the secret to a great retirement or semi-retirement is to keep busy doing things one is passionate about.  For example, going places, writing, reading, doing art, exploring different subjects, being a foodie, exercising and so much more.  The last thing you want to do is get "moldy."  And retirement communities can be a great place to keep busy.  You should see some of the monthly calendars of so-called retirees.  

My other passion is the love of places--especially places that I have gathered in my memory naturally over the years--that fascinates me.  I have traveled and/or lived in most of the places I write about.  

The fourth thing that has brought me to this place (building a website) is that I have lived in a 55+ community.  It makes my website authentic.  It means I'm not just regurgitating articles I found on the web.  I try to be as original as possible. 

And a side note about 55+ communities and retirement communities:  I have found them so enjoyable that it seems like the perfect subject to talk about.  I know it is "clever" to hear videos and write articles about how bad it is to move to a 55+ community.  But quite the contrary, I have found my experience to be that they are broadening to my knowledge, helpful to my physical activity, convenient for every day living, and so much more.  I could go on and on. 

Nothing is perfection.  One makes it what it is.   But it is easier to make new friends and feel less lonely because you have something in common with your neighbors.  Maybe your experience will not be as fulfilling as mine because I cannot  guarantee anything.  I can only tell you about me.

You can always try it out first by renting at a 55+ community. 

I think it's a good idea especially if it is a new climate for you.  Trying out a new climate and a new way of life before making a permanent move can be a good idea.  But that is your choice.  Everything you do is by your choice after researching communities and areas and making your own decisions. 

A Move to Live in an RV Park Model:

A perfect example is when I moved to the desert area after my husband passed because I loved the mineral springs and spas there.  After 3 years I had to move because I found the hot and dry climate wasn't for me.  The area was great but only for a short time.  But I did learn what it was like to live in an RV Park Model Home which is a tremendous help for me now in writing about them.  I found out I liked them.  For me it was like living in an apartment with a yard.  The size wasn't a problem either.  I liked the tiny home experience.

Bottom line:  I love 55+ communities.  Which, by the way, are not all retired people. Typically half are still working.  You can also research this by asking the community about it. 

I had an enriching experience:

Something no one mentions about them is how you enrich your knowledge and life by hearing about the many experiences of the other 55+ people there.  They can have a long and rich past (maybe they were important in their career or even famous at one time) and you are both sharing the same experience at a place that is good for doing that.

I really enjoy the feeling that I may be helping someone to find the right community.  When I do find a great community, I can't wait to get it on the site because it might be just what someone has been looking for.   

I look forward to keeping you informed about new communities and old, places, and related subjects, and in today's modern environment,  exciting new forms such as video.   Learning these things to keep my website updated takes time but it is in the plan.

In conclusion, four things I love have brought me to this place:  my in-depth real estate knowledge from my husband and years of continuing education courses, my love of writing, helping others, and retirement communities.

I hope you enjoy my website as much as I enjoy sharing my knowledge with you. 

Please feel free to email me at carol@bestguide-retirementcommunities.com and thank you so much for visiting.  It means so much to me.