Retirement Communities

At college-linked retirement communities, many of the residents are retired professors or alumni of the college or university, but this is usually not a requirement.  Anyone looking for intellectually stimulating programs will be involved in finding these schools.

Making it convenient to maintain lifelong learning is the purpose of these communities.

Many university-linked communities also will provide an assisted living option. 

Communities near colleges...

Many other communities that are not formally college-linked are near colleges.   They have attractive lifelong learning programs.  These programs provide vital mental  stimulation for the senior years.


University of Virginia campus
New England
Communities Near Colleges
The College Town
Junior Colleges

Also, see our new article about libraries in the digital age and programs for seniors.

Recent evidence shows that the brain can be helped to keep young with lifelong learning programs.  These programs, proven to aid longevity, possibly keep the brain from memory diseases.   Research is on-going.

If one wishes to live in a college-linked community, be sure to carefully study their restrictions and financial arrangements.

Research shows that many people wish to return to the towns they enjoyed during their college years for their retirement.  

New England College-Linked Retirement Communities



  • Lasell College - Lasell Village By Campus Continuum. Also CCRC - life care community includes nursing home - village style apartments with required continuing education and lifelong learning programs
    11120 Seminary Ave., Newton  Lasell Village

Dartmouth - Under consideration

  • University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth By Campus Continuum. Check status with the school.  

About Campus Continuum, developer

Campus Continuum developed over-55 retirement communities at colleges. The residences are condominiums, town homes, single-family homes, depending on the community. You do not have to be previously affiliated with the college (please verify.)

Residents at over 55 communities that were developed by Campus Continuum on college campuses have access to programs and facilities of the college, seminars and programs. There are paid jobs and/or volunteer opportunities.

In most cases, there is a Dean of Programs who coordinates relations between the college and residents. By going to their site, you can see proposed future communities and plenty of detail about them. Check out their excellent articles in the resource category.  Please verify all information.



  • Dirigo Pines - University of Maine - 9 Alumni Dr., Orono, Me. (866) 344-3400 Dirigo Pines


  • Granite Hill Estates Hallowell - affiliated with the University of Maine at Augusta Senior College (UMASC) (Augusta is between Portland and Bangor inland)  Granite Hill Estates and for educational programs in Maine:  University of Maine Senior College 
       60 Balsam Dr., Hallowell, Me. - 888-321-1119


West Hartford

  • The McAuley - Adjoins St. Joseph's College and residents can attend college events - West Hartford - CCRC, independent and assisted living (860) 920-6300

New Hampshire


  • Dartmouth, Kendal at Hanover, New Hampshire - 2 miles to Dartmouth where residents can attend courses through Institute of Lifelong Learning. Kendal at Hanover

Mid-Atlantic Colleges

New York


Ithaca downtown market commonDowntown Ithaca Market Common
  • Longview at Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY  - According to the Milken Institute, Ithaca is one of the best small cities for healthy aging.  It offers many programs in the five schools at Ithaca College. This community offers independent apartments, patio homes and assisted living. Overlooks Cayuga Lake.
    It also has an active college town since Cornell University is also located here.  Rents listed on the website. 
    1 Bella Vista Dr., Ithaca, NY -   607-375-6300 

See our Review of the city of Ithaca


  • Rivers Run Cottages - Rochester Institute of Technology - Rivers Run Rochester - 1 1/2 miles from the campus - independent living apartments include 2 meals and housekeeping and purchase cottages  

Westchester County

  • Broadview Senior Living at Purchase College - Rye, NY - Independent senior living with learning programs and activities at Purchase College.  Some of the educational amenities:
  • The energy of a college campus
  • Performing Arts Center
  • College Library
  • Lecture Series
  • Audit Classes (as space available)
  • Faculty-led travel programs
  • Volunteer mentoring
  • and more.

1 and 2-bedroom apartments and villas.  Entry fee ($250,000-2 Mil) plus monthly fee. (Verify as prices can change.).  Call for more information.  914-627-9011 - 6 International Dr., Rye Brook, NY  


State College

  • Penn State University - The Village at Penn State - CCRC -
    330 Lions Hill Rd., State College   Village at Penn State



  • University of Michigan, University Commons, Independent Living, CCRC, Ann Arbor, Mich. Founded by faculty - 92 condominium units near campus on land donated by university University Commons



  • Oberlin College, Kendal at Oberlin, is physically close to Oberlin and has a relationship with it but also affiliated with several other colleges in Ohio such as Akron University, Case Western Reserve, Cleveland State University, Lorain County Community College, Bowling Green University, Ohio State University. The Academy of Lifetime Learning is also affiliated with Oberlin and Elderhostel Institute Network.  38 E. College St., Oberlin - Kendal at Oberlin


  • Kendal at Granville at Granville, Ohio - a relationship with Denison University. Kendal at Granville



  • Villa St. Benedict - Benedictine University - (888) 844-7823



  • Anderson University - University Village Condos - Indiana - Independent Living
    1100 E. Fifth St., Anderson   Anderson University

South Bend

  • Notre Dame - Holy Cross Village - South Bend, Indiana, - Currently independent living Holy Cross Village


  • Indiana University Bloomington - (877) 330-4370

West Lafayette

  • Purdue University West Lafayette - University Place - (765) 464-5606

Colleges in the Southeast



  • Washington and Lee, Kendall at Lexington Near Charlottesville - Within walking distance to college. Apartment and college living. Also continuing care.  Kendal at Lexington
  • Virginia Military Institute, Kendall at Lexington
  • University of Virginia - The Colonnades at Charlottesville This is a Sunrise Senior Living community - Continuing care - not college linked but has close proximity within minutes to University of Virginia. The Colonnades

North Carolina



  • The Forest at Duke - Duke University, The Forest at Duke, CCRC, Durham, NC - 2701 Pickett Rd., Durham  

South Carolina 


  • The Woodlands at Furman - Greenville - Adjacent to Furman University with university programs and Osher Lifelong Learning program. Independent, assisted and continuing care community. The Woodlands at Furman

Rock Hill

  • Winthrop University - Rock Hill in the Northeast corner of SC - They are utilizing a survey to gauge interest in having an over 55 community linked to their university.  701 Oakland Ave., Rock Hill  



  • University of Georgia - 800-homes - golf community -
    1050 Chancellors Dr., Statham, Ga.    The Georgia Club

(Also see our Georgia page--there are many condominiums around the university, in Athens, Ga., with walking distance to the school.)

Southern Region



  • University of Florida at Gainesville - Oak Hammock - - Includes Continuing Care Oak Hammock

St. Petersburg

  • Addington Place at College Harbor - Eckerd College - College Harbor Retirement Community - Independent living close proximity to Eckerd College with lifelong learning programs.  
    4600 54th Ave. S., St. Petersburg, Florida  



  • Capstone Village - University of Alabama - Rental options available with no large entrance fees - Amenities include Wellness Center, dining, social activities. 
    601 5th Ave. East, Tuscaloosa - (800) 799-5099



Southwest Region Colleges



  • University of Texas - Longhorn Village - upscale retirement village - deposit and monthly fee - apartments and villas - Independent and continuing care if needed - heated pool, day spa, fitness, activities.  12501 Longhorn Pkwy, Austin - 512-266-5600



  • University of Arizona - Tucson, Arizona - Arizona Senior Academy of life long learning - Village Academy - Independent Living The Academy Village

Colleges in the West


Palo Alto (Northern)

Thousand Oaks (Southern)

Northwest Colleges


Lake Oswego

  • Mary's Woods - Marylhurst University - Lake Oswego near Portland  

Communities Near Colleges

Another type of retirement community that can provide academic stimulation is one that is near a college and has a close connection with the school but is not a college-linked retirement community.

At communities in or near colleges you do not have to go very far to do the thing you love the most -- reading, learning, libraries, discussions with stimulating people, interacting with young people and much more can be a short and convenient walk away.

Consider these outstanding examples:

Kendall CCRC's

The Kendall continuing care communities (Quaker traditions) have a natural affinity to lifelong learning. Most have an informal association with area colleges.

Their locations include:

  1. Massachusetts: Northampton and Easthampton by Lathrop
  2. New Hampshire: Kendal at Hanover CCRC
  3. New York: Kendal at Ithaca CCRC
  4. Pennsylvania: Kendal at Crosslands CCRC - adjacent to Longwood Gardens and near Univ of Delaware, Haverland and Swarthmore colleges.
    Kendall in Bucks County: Chandler Hall - Independent with many Personal care options - Apartments and cottages. 
  5. Ohio: Kendal at Oberlin CCRC - one mile to Oberlin College and music conservatory.
  6. Virginia: Kendal at Lexington CCRC near Washington and Lee and Virginia Military Institute.
    Go to
  7. Maryland: Collington - Connections with local community college - take as many college courses as you choose in a year for a small fee.
    10450 Lottsford Rd., Mitchellville, Md. - 888-257-9468
  8. Illinois: The Admiral at the Lake - 929 West Foster Ave., Chicago
The Merion apartments in Evanston IllinoisPhoto by The Merion
  • The Merion - Evanston - North Shore of Chicago - Senior rental community that includes meal plan and housekeeping - Lifelong learning programs at Northwestern University just 4 blocks away.  Also clubs and discussion groups.  Studios, 1- and 2-Bedroom apartments.  Rents start $2400./month (verify as rents can change) with 13-month lease (verify).
    1611 Chicago Ave., Evanston, Illinois - 877-343-0506
  • Rhode Island: Brown University in Rhode Island has an adult education program called the Brown Community for Learning in Retirement offering learning experiences for retirees living within commute distance of Providence. Courses are held at Brown.
  • Laurelmead Retirement Community, located near Brown in Rhode Island, has a course connected to Brown as part of their "Laurelmead College" program. At Laurelmead more of their residents matriculated at Brown than at any other college. Several residents are on Brown's faculty but residents who are alumni of many other schools reside there as well. Making it easier to reside there is that there are no educational requirements. So, regardless of educational background, residents continue education and learning.
  • Prestwick-Chase Retirement Community Saratoga Springs, NY - These senior apartments, in one of my favorite retirement areas, with month-to-month leases, have educational programs in the community and other nearby locations with the Academy for Lifelong Learning at SUNY Empire State College. Near Skidmore College. Prestwick-Chase Retirement Community
  • Liberty Hill State College, PA. - For those over 55 by Traditions of America - Minutes to OSHER lifelong learning program at Penn State. New town homes for purchase - 411 Beacon Circle Phone: 814-466-9490 - Open daily

The College Town

Another alternative to college-linked communities is the college town. Studies show that many seniors return to the towns they attended college in because of the association with happy times. 

Most state supported colleges will allow seniors to audit classes free or reduced cost but check with the college to make sure.

The following list shows schools with informal programs for seniors or are college towns and are not fully college-linked retirement communities:

  • University of Tennessee in Knoxville - University Outreach and Continuing Education University Outreach. "Seniors for Creative Learning" Community: Various assisted living and continuing care in area.
Laurelmead in Providence RI
  • Brown University - Laurelmead Retirement Community has connections to Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Brown has an adult education program called "Learning in Retirement" for seniors within commute to Providence. 150 co-op apartments.
  • Clemson University - Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Community: Various assisted living and continuing care in area.
  • University of Georgia - Athens - A college town - Community: Various assisted living and continuing care communities such as Iris Place by Holiday Retirement Corp. Also, Sterling Mills Retirement Commmunity - single homes. Various condominiums are being built in Athens with walk distance to the school and affiliated with athletic recreation.
  • University of Southwest - Georgetown, Texas - Senior University, a partnership with University of Southwest, Georgetown, Texas.

See Texas in Southwest Category for Communities in Georgetown, Tex.

  • University Retirement Community at Davis University of California at Davis, California. 1515 Shasta Drive, Davis CA apartments and cottages - Continuing care retirement community with independent and assisted living. Reasonable entry fee. University Retirement Community at Davis

More popular college towns for retirement in addition to above:

  • Southern Oregon State College- Ashland, Oregon
  • Univ. of California San Luis Obispo
  • University of Colorado Boulder, Colo.
  • Stony Brook University Long Island, NY - has Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.

Osher Lifelong Learning at Colleges and Universities

Osher Lifelong Learning:

If you have not heard of Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, it has lifelong learning programs at 120 colleges and universities across the United States. This is a stimulating program for 50+ adults. For a fee, seniors have access to guest speakers, courses etc for continued learning at the school. See if there is one near your retirement area. Go here to find a OLLI program near you.

More Popular college towns for retirement:

Ann Arbor; Iowa City; Cambridge; Ames, Iowa; Corvallis, Ore; Palo Alto, Calif; Chapel Hill, NC; Madison Wisc; Ithaca, NY; Santa Cruz, California; Westwood, California; Charlottesville, VA.

Junior Colleges

There are numerous junior colleges also that have programs at retirement communities.  Check with the community you are interested in to see if there are any educational programs if there is a junior college nearby.

Riderwood - CCRC in Silver Spring, Md., by Erickson is an example of a community having programs with a local community college (verify).  Large, active community with apartment-styled units.   Entrance fee and monthly fee.

State-Funded Colleges


Most state-funded colleges allow seniors to audit classes for free or discounted as space available.  Ask the college to find out what they have for seniors.   

Viewed the most:

  • The Forest at Duke - NC
  • Longview at Ithaca College - Ithaca NY
  • The Pines at Davidson - NC
  • Addington Place at College Harbor, St. Petersburg, Fl.

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